I wrote recently about how too much money can cause as many divorces as too little money. This story from the Miami Herald is a good example.

Arnim Ramdass, a 52 year old airline mechanic, married Donna Campbell, a 48 year old former model and beauty contestant, in 2005.

Then in June of this year, Arnim hit the jackpot with a winning lottery ticket he purchased in a pool of 17 co-workers. His share of the $20,000,000 prize was $600,000.

But instead of celebrating his good fortune with Donna, Arnim didn’t tell her about it and stopped coming home. Donna found out about it by Googling Arnim’s name.

She filed suit for fraud and half the money, but the case was dismissed yesterday by Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey for failure to state why she was entitled to the money. The Judge gave Donna 20 days to file an amended complaint. I am betting the amended complaint will also ask for a divorce.