Why Jacqueline Getty Needs $500,000 a Month in Alimony

Jacqueline Getty married Gordon Peter Getty Jr., heir to the Getty fortune, in 2000.  TMZ reports that she has filed for divorce in Los Angelas seeking $539,201 per month in alimony to maintain the lifestyle she had while married, which included, among other things:

— $300,000 to $500,000 per year for clothing
— $50,000 for Halloween parties
— expensive jewelry including 5 carat diamond earrings
— $40,000 for birthday parties
— trips to the private Getty compound in Hawaii 3-4 times a year
— trips on the Getty private jet (Boeing 737)
— a one million dollar bed

As for Gordon’s ability to pay, Jacqueline says he would go on several trips a year without a suitcase and buy a whole new wardrobe when he arrived.