We have a saying at TGC, which is “Get the facts first.” A lawyer likes to jump into a case and start solving problems and applying the law. But facts are important and the law has to be applied to the correct facts in order to solve a legal problem.

That’s why the first thing we do is interview you about the facts of your case. We gather, for example, facts like the names, ages and addresses of the parties. Is this the first marriage for both? Is there a prenup? Date and place of marriage. Date of separation. Children’s names and birthdates. Then the financial details. And so on.

We use these facts in the settlement negotiations, the settlement agreement, the complaint, discovery and the trial.

You can start this yourself. Start gathering up copies of those statements for the mortgage, bank accounts, credit cards and pension plans. Be your own private investigator. Organize everything in a Settlement Notebook.

Knowledge is power, and the more facts you know, the more power you have in your divorce.