“There is a great life that lies ahead after divorce,” claims Greg Frost at SelfHelpStation.Com. He notes that while it may be tough, you are free to start over with a completely new life. You can change jobs or move to another town. “You will find that there is a lot of hope that lies in the bounds of the aftermath,” says Frost.

Having been through divorce myself, and helped lots of others through divorce, I can guarantee that you will survive divorce. Although you may not feel like doing much except feeling sorry for yourself at first, here are a dozen things you can do to get back on your feet.

1. Join a gym.
2. Take Karate or kickboxing lessons.
3. Join a running club.
4. Take dance lessons.
5. Start a singles group.
6. Join a beach house.
7. Get some therapy.
8. Go to church.
9. Play racketball.
10. Talk to your friends.
11. Participate in politics.
12. Help someone who has more troubles than you.

Anything you can do that gets you active and gets you out of your own thoughts will move you along the path to divorce recovery whether you realize it at the time or not. Then one day, what seems like a mountain in front of you now, will be only a speed bump behind you.

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