Twelve Gifts for the Holidays

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If you are in the process of divorce or separation, you might be a little down in the dumps for the holidays.  But it’s the season for giving, so we thought we might cheer you up with these twelve free and useful gifts we pulled together from the Internet for you.

  1. Free Visitation Schedules and Percentages
  2. Free Child Support Calculator
  3. Free Alimony Calculator
  4. Free Online Financial Calculators
  5. Free Interest Calculator for Judgments
  6. Free Alimony Recapture Calculator
  7. Free New Blog on Coping Strategies for Divorce Emotions (Merged with this Blog)
  8. Free Notes from the Universe
  9. Free Calendar and Messaging for Co-Parenting After Divorce
  10. Free Sample Parenting Plan
  11. Free Divorce Coaching Interactive Program
  12. Free Divorce Email Newsletter (Bottom of this Page)