Eminent psychologist, life coach and author, Dr. Dorree Lynn, has published my article, The Zen Divorce, at FiftyandFurthermore.Com, her website devoted to sage wisdom for those of us who are “a bit over 30”.

Here is an excerpt:

Oh me, oh my,
A fortune in gold and silver had I.
But I spent it all in town last night,
In case tomorrow I might die.

– Unknown

As a divorce lawyer, I make a living off the infidelity, desertion and cruelty of others. I have seen people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting over the marital estate. Believe me, I know how hard it is to toil, sacrifice and save for years to build up an estate, only to watch helplessly as it is destroyed almost instantly in a divorce. It is tough to let go of money. Yet that counterintuitive step is the secret of what I call the Zen Divorce.