The Wages of Sin – Chapter One

Inspired by characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle

*   *  *

Sterling Holt is hands down the best divorce lawyer in town. My name is James Wright. I have the happy task of chronicling Holt’s cases for a program broadcast by the local radio station.

The day started in the Easy Café where all the lawyers, judges and reporters gather each morning over coffee to trade tips and the latest courthouse gossip. I was in a booth with Holt calling the police and hospitals to check for overnight accidents and arrests for the morning newscast, while Sam scrolled through emails on his iPhone. A comely waitress, Janette, a thin, dark, long drink of water, put our coffee cups down on the table.

Holt dropped two sugar cubes into his coffee and stirred, “Janette seems to have found a new boyfriend.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“She wore the same jeans and shirt yesterday, so she spent the night at his house, and didn’t go to her house to change. There is usually a stray hair from her Golden retriever on her clothes but this morning there was a hair from a Himalayan cat. From the text books on top of the shelf behind the counter and her age, she is a student at the local college and  her new boyfriend is a professor, probably married.”

“Good God, Holt!” I exclaimed. “You’re amazing.”

“Time to go.” Holt announced as he practically lept from the booth and threw his tweed coat over his lean six foot frame.

“But why?” I asked. “I’ve not even tasted my coffee yet.”

“The game is afoot!” shouted Holt as he disappeared through the café door.