The Tissue Box

A new divorce client was in my office yesterday.  She didn’t cry as she was telling me her story, but she came close.

I was rummaging around the supply room next to the kitchen for some more ground coffee for the machine.   I happened upon a carton of tissue boxes.    I grabbed a box, went back to my office, and tossed them on my desk within easy reach of the client chair.

The tissue box is one of the most important things to have in your office if you are a divorce lawyer.  There are lots of tears in a divorce practice, but the stories are more interesting than say, “How do I get the most oil depletion allowance on my tax returns?”

Today I have already received calls from a client whose spouse said the police are on the way, a next-of-kin who wants to stop a cremation by an estranged spouse, and an opposing counsel who wants to enter into a consent order with respect to parenting time with the children.  It’s not even noon yet.  Better get another tissue box.