The Holston Alimony Case


When Eileen and Alvan Holston were married in 1967, she was a secretary making $5,000 a year and he was in dental school.  They had five children together.  When they got divorced in 1982, Eileen had not worked for years and Alvin was a dentist and a professor making over $86,000 a year.

The chancellor awarded Eileen alimony for three years at a rate of $ 150 per week in order “to allow her the opportunity to either go back and complete her education, since she did not finish college . . . or to train herself or retrain herself for appropriate work,  because ultimately there is no question she has to provide for herself .”

Eileen appealed, claiming she should have been awarded indefinite alimony.  Let me know how you think this case turned out in the comments section.  Next week, I’ll tell you what happened.