The Exercise Divorce

Excessive exercise may be hazardous to your marriage, says Kevin Helliker in a Wall Street Journal article.  Jordan Waxman, 46, is a bank executive at Merrill Lynch and an Ironman triathlete.  His works out early in the mornings leaving a note for his wife and kids.

Caren Waxman, his wife, says she wakes up alone every morning.  She is an exercise widow.  Mr. Waxman arrives home from the office after the children have eaten dinner and he beats them to bed.

While couples vow to stay together in sickness and health, it may be a surprise when one of them decides to spend an obsessive amount of time at the gym, on a treadmill or running the streets.  The out-of-shape partner may find this to be an irreconcilable difference.

One way to solve this problem is for both spouses to work out together.  And some spouses are able to give each other free time to pursue whatever activities they want, whether it is exercise or being a couch potato.