Stephanie Becker writes on MSNBC’s Allday Blog.

“For motivation I turn to my favorite skinny-me photo snapped 13 years ago. I was on the divorce diet plan. When my marriage failed, I spent the first week eating big tubs of gooey rice pudding. But once out of the comfort-food phase I just couldn’t get up the energy to chew. So I didn’t eat for three months. I lost 195 pounds of flab and 175 pounds belonged to my ex.”

The Divorce Diet really works. Who else has lost weight on it? Leave a comment.

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  1. Gwenn
    Gwenn says:

    I lost 25 lbs in the three months after I decided to divorce, I ate three meals a day and just watched it drop off. It does really work, but the stress of the process made me gain it back.

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