Fathers ask me how they can understand fathers’ rights and prepare for their custody cases. I always suggest they find ways to participate in their children’s activities. Volunteer as a soccer coach. Go to the PTA meetings.

It is tough if you are also the breadwinner for your family and working hard. But if you don’t, as sure as God made little green apples, your wife’s attorney will point at you and say, “You didn’t attend even one of little Timmy’s soccer games, did you?”

Conn and Hal Iggulden have made it fun, however, by writing a wonderful book calledThe Dangerous Book for Boys. It will take you back to your childhood. My boys and I are working on the first activity, called Essential Gear. They are getting cigar boxes to keep their gear in which includes a Swiss Army Knife, compass, matches, marble, needle and thread, fish hook, matches and other items a dangerous boy might need.