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The Maryland Legislature, effective October 1, 2016, expanded  the definition of “Abuse” covered by domestic violence Peace Orders to also include the following acts:  

  • (ix) Malicious destruction of property under 6-301 of the Criminal Law Article;
  • (x) Misuse of telephone facilities and equipment under 3-804 of the Criminal Law Article;
  • (xi) Misuse of electronic communication or interactive computer service under 3-805 of the Criminal Law Article;
  • (xii) Revenge porn under 3-809 of the Criminal Law Article; or
  • (xiii) Visual surveillance under 3-901, § 3-902, or § 3-903 of the Criminal Law Article.

These are in addition to the other acts included in my prior article on Maryland Peace Orders.

You are eligible for a Maryland Peace Order order if you and the alleged abuser: have/have had a dating relationship, or if the alleged abuser is a neighbor, a stranger, or anyone else.

 For purposes of a Domestic Violence “Peace Order,” Maryland law defines “Abuse” as the occurrence of one or more of the following acts:

  • Abuse (as defined above for Protective Orders)
  • Harassment
  • Trespass
  • Malicious destruction of property