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South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford asked to skip the part about marital fidelity in his wedding vows 20 years ago Jenny Sanford told Barbara Walters in an interview.  Ms Sanford’s book “Stay True” will be released the same day.

“It bothered me to some extent,” said the estranged first lady, “but . . . we were very young; we were in love. I questioned it, but I got past it . . . along with other doubts that I had.”

Ms. Sanford found out about her husband’s affair and has filed for divorce. The governor told several different versions of his whereabouts until The Columbia State newspaper confronted him with emails between him and his Argentine lover.

Why do obviously smart women like Ms. Sanford and Ms. Edwards not discover their husband’s affairs earlier? It’s a case of deceiver and denier.  The Deceiver is not ready to leave the marriage, so when the Denier asks questions like, “What’s wrong?” the Deceiver replies, “Nothing”.  The Denier wants to believe it.  Infidelity is not a concept that is possible in the Denier’s universe.  So he or she is blinded to the clues that are left by the Deceiver.

WUSA TV News Anchor, Andrea Roane, interviewed TGC Attorney, Jill Breslau, today about South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s marital difficulties.

“Right now it appears that Governor Sanford is more intent upon self-justification than he is on changing himself,” said Breslau.   “His behaviors have been completely inconsistent with the values he says he holds, and he is glamorizing his relationship, and characterizing himself as a tragic hero, because he has risked everything for it—his marriage, his family, his political life, his reputation.  Only if he inflates the meaning of his affair is it worth all those potential losses.”

Regarding putting his marriage back together, Breslau, who is also a trained psychotherapist, said, “As much as the public finds it irresistible to be judgmental about Sanford’s behavior, a primary purpose of counseling is to have a private, confidential setting where the therapist is nonjudgmental.”

Paul Simon, in his famous song, told us there must be fifty ways to leave your lover. I wonder if he counted the two new ways we saw on television this week:

1.  Use Your Reality TV Show.

Monday night, John and Kate Gosselin announced their separation and intention to divorce on cable tv.  This came amid months of tabloid speculation concerning extramarital affairs.  The show got its highest ratings ever.  The parties say they are going to split custody of their eight children equally.  The children will stay in the house and the parties will alternate living there in what is called a nesting arrangement.

2.  Call a Press Conference.

On Wednesday, Mark Sanford, 49, governor of South Carolina, held a news conference and announced that he had been unfaithful to his wife.  He had been missing for several days and told his staff that he was going hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  However, a newspaper report confronted him in Atlanta getting off a plan arriving from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  His public confession came just before the newspaper broke the story of his mistress in Argentina.