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An Interim Protective Order will order the abuser to stay away until a date and time (within two court-business days) on which you must present the application and order to a Judge in the District Court in order to obtain a Temporary Protective Order.

A Temporary Protective Order will be granted if the Court finds there are “reasonable grounds” to grant it.

The hearing on the Temporary Protective Order is usually “ex-parte”, meaning that the court can grant you a Temporary Protective Order even if the Respondent does not show up for the hearing.

The Interim Protective Order and Temporary Protective Order are served upon the Respondent by a Sheriff.

An Interim or Temporary Protective Order can order that the abuser:

  • Stop abusing you.
  • Stay away from you and to not try to contact you or harass you at your home, school, job, or the place where you may be staying, stay away from your child’s school, and from your family members’ homes.
  • Stay out of your house.
  • Leave the home where the two of you live, if you are married to the abuser, AND you were living with your abuser at the time of the abuse.
  • Leave the home if you are not married to the abuser, but were living with the abuser at the time of the abuse, AND your name is on the lease or deed for the house, OR you lived with the abuser for at least 90 days within the past year.
  • The judge can also give you temporary custody of any children that you have with the abuser.
  • The judge can award temporary possession of any pet of the person eligible for relief or the respondent.

For a Maryland Protective Order, you would complete and file a Petition for Protective Order. 

You file the petition to obtain a Temporary Protective Order with the clerk in any District Court or Circuit Court when the court is open, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

However, if the court is closed, you can file the petition to obtain an Interim Protective Order with the Commissioner’s Office of the District Court, which is open at all other times (24 hours) every day including weekends.