Lois Finkelstein and Michael Callahan , divorce lawyers in Maryland, will present a seminar on Divorce Law at 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Thursday, March 16, 2017.  The seminar will be presented at 27 West Jefferson Street, Rockville, Maryland.  There is a charge of $10.  It is part of Divorce 101, a series of seminars on Thursday nights this Spring.

Tareq Salahi has filed for divorce from Michaele Salahi, White House gate crasher and one of the Real Housewives of DC.

Tareq accuses Michaele of desertion and adultery with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

In the Complaint, Tareq claims Schon sent Michaele a picture of a part of his body via email.

There is no lawyer’s name on the Complaint, but it appears to be drafted by someone who knows divorce law.  There is no mention of a prenuptial agreement.

Someone once told me you only have to practice divorce law for six months before you become a social worker.  I like to think I am pretty attuned to the emotional aspects of divorce, but every once in awhile, I get a situation that stumps me.

In those cases, I call on my experts, namely (a) my wife who intuitively knows far more about relationships than I ever will, and (b) a friend who works in sales and is a genius in these matters.  I keep the names confidential but describe the problem to them in general terms.

Today, I got in one of those situations.  I was negotiating by email with a lawyer on a case in litigation.  We were pretty close in dollars to a settlement.

I wrote, “Why don’t we settle this case.”  I was surprised by his answer.

“The problem is the way your client treats me and everyone else connected with me.”

How in the world do you respond to that?  I am trained to solve legal problems.  But this is not a legal problem.  So I ask my experts.

My wife took a practical straightforward approach.  She said I should say, “Look, we all want to get this over as quickly, expeditiously and amicably as possible.”

My friend in sales had another approach.  He suggested “If you will write me about the specifics, I will speak with my client about it.”   Always ask questions.  Sometimes, when the other side has to write it out, and think about it, they look at what they have written and decide it is not all that important anyway.

I decided that both approaches were excellent, so I combined them into one email.  I will be interested to see what response I get.