Many clients ask about getting an online divorce.  I have seen a couple of on line agreements that weren’t filled out properly by the clients.  And I have seen one for Washington, DC, where the on line form terminated child support at age 18.  DC law provides for child support until age 21.

Now comes news of the State Attorney General’s Office for Washington State closing down Online Divorce, a Delaware Company.  According to Hector Castro at SeattlePI.Com, the company charged $249 for a divorce and claimed that its staff included “divorce specialists.”

But after complaints from customers that they couldn’t get services or refunds, the state began investigating and found that the company was providing paralegal services without attorney oversight, a violation of state law.  The company ceased doing business in Washington state and at last report is looking for an attorney.

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  1. Dareena
    Dareena says:

    Good to learn that the chaff’s being separated from the wheat in this manner. Divorce is, after all, typically a stressful experience as is – no need to get stuck with an unethical company making false claims and offering sub-standard services that might even jeopardize the entire legality of the proceedings.

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