Suspect your spouse has hidden assets in a secret Swiss bank account?  USB, a Swiss bank, has agreed to turn over the names of 4,450 U.S. citizens that have accounts there to the IRS.

The IRS is investigating allegations of tax evasion.  But people hide money for all sorts of reasons, like to avoid creditors, and to avoid splitting up assets in a divorce.

So there are probably many spouses and ex-spouses that would like to get a look at the list.  But, it is not certain that the list will be made public.  The IRS is giving clemency to tax cheaters until September 23.  And IRS settlements are usually confidential.

One way an ex might find out, though, is if a spouse filed a joint tax return with the tax cheater, the ex might be notified by the IRS of the corrected tax filing because his or her name is on the return too.

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