Case Draws Attention to Fathers’ Rights

The National Center for Men has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Matt Dubay in Michigan. Last year, Matt’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl, after assuring him that she was infertile.

Matt wants to give up his parental rights so that he does not have to pay $500 a month in child support. This is being called Roe v. Wade for Men because Matt is arguing that he should have the same right to choose whether he wants a child or not that women have.

This lawsuit does not stand a chance, but father’s rights groups see it as an opportunity to draw attention to their cause, and you will see a lot about it in the news.

I have said that there are many good women in the father’s rights movement. I think one of them is Wendy McElroy who gets it right in her article, Right Cause, Wrong Approach. She says responsible men should have the right to be active fathers and children should know both parents. But this lawsuit is an insult to every alienated father who desperately seeks to be a parent to his child. Why is NCM championing the anti-father when so many men ache for nothing more than the sight of their children’s faces?