42-year-old Anthony Morelli, of Pennsylvania, set up a blog in 2007 to chronicle the details of his divorce and custody battle with Allison.  He called it Thepyschoexwife.com.  Since then it has attracted more than 200,000 followers a month, many of them venting about their exes as well.

Family Court Judge Diane Gibbons, however, took a dim view of the blog, especially since the couple has two sons, ages 10 and 12.  She ordered Morelli to shut down the site.

In its place, Morelli has set up Savethepyschoexwife.com, to raise legal fees to challenge the judge’s ruling on freedom of speech grounds.  He has already received over $5,000 in contributions.

Source:  Maggie Flecknoe, fox26medford.com

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  1. ryan
    ryan says:

    Good story and good on him i recon. I have a petition over here in Australia that im spreading around to help fathers with 50/50 rights. We should have just as much say as the other side.

  2. Gary Driscoll
    Gary Driscoll says:

    I spent nearly $30,000 (still paying for that) for legal counsel fighting an phycho ex-wife just to see my children. You don’t spend that much time and money on doing something without learning a few things. That’s why I just started my blog “The Rains Never Came Down”. It’s going to give advice on how protect men’s right in child custody case. I was wondering if you would like to my site so other can find it.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

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