Promises Kept

I saw a clip from Kevin Spacey’s new tv show called House of Cards.  I am paraphrasing here.

“The secretary said, “I know he made a promise, but circumstances have changed.”

Spacey said, “It is the nature of promises to be kept no matter what the circumstances.”

I have received a couple of emails recently with the same theme.  The writer has signed a Separation Agreement  and divorced years ago, and now regrets the promises made in the Agreement.  One says things have changed.  Another says, “I felt pressured to sign.”  Both want me to undo what they have done.

I must tell them there is no hope unless they can give me a ticket for time travel.  An order incorporating an agreement is final and unappealable 30 days after it is entered.  Duress means someone held a gun to your head.

One reason that agreements are written and signed is that someone may change their mind later and not wish to keep a promise because circumstances have changed.  Absent a provision involving alimony or children, you will find that most agreements are written in concrete and cannot be easily set aside.  So call me before you sign, not after.