Parental alienation, whether or not you believe it is a syndrome, occurs in high conflict divorces when one parent influences a child against the other parent. A child suddenly does not want to see one parent with no apparent reason or justification. Mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights can be lost.

It can happen even when the alienating parent does nothing overtly or intentionally. The kids pick up the vibes. One parent’s hatred or anger against the other parent can be harmful to the children depriving them of the love and time of two parents. Here are a few websites where you can learn more about parental alienation:

Parental Alienation Awareness Day (April 25th)

Help Stop PAS

Hugs to Heartbreak

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    Anonymous says:

    My fiancé is a victim of PAS that started long before the divorce. His lawyer sold him out by allowing his ex to get full custody…he never had his day in court. He never sees the children anymore since they stopped calling him dad, but the ex keeps harassing him for more money. Its a very ugly story that I could not understand until I learned about PAS. Being a divorced mother myself, I still don’t get why some women want to deprive their children of their father. What makes this case particularly egregious is that the ex is a licensed psychologist and fully knows what she is doing. My question is, has any father been able to successfully litigate this on the basis of the irreparable loss and damages done to him? I ask because these children are now 14 and 18 and we believe that it is a lost cause to seek any custody reversal.

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