The Maryland Legislature has passed Bill 452 which will allow the court to transfer a marital residence from one spouse to the other. Currently, Maryland law only permits the court to order the sale of the residence to a third party with the sales proceeds divided evenly between the parties. The new law takes effect October 1, 2006.

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    What impact does this have on divorce negoitiations, i.e., if the parties require the court to parcel out high dollar properties. In some cases, this may be the ONLY significant financial element for a spouse. For example, in my case I HATE the house and am willing to let my x2b have it provided I receive some of the 401 funds (the bulk of which he contributed to), and indefinate alimony (which I REALLY do NOT want), plus a lump sum. Why he wants it is beyond me as he was either working/living overseas or gone at least half of our 15 y.o. marriage.

    I have been DXed with severe social anxiety plus ADD, but I did work in a laboratory FT until apprx. 10 yrs ago when a major personality clash (coupled with my lack of knowledge regarding my rights in that case), resulted in my attempt to change careers. The graphic art studios loved my emailed work but treated me quite differently during the face-to-face interview. Age discrimination IS real! I only have an A.S. and been told by college instructors, headhunters. even temp agencies to forget trying to update graphics skills. Apparently everyone coming out of design schools today are super-skilled and “hip” (read “young w/ cutting edge ideas.) I am female, 53 and very worried about the future. I soon will be amoung the uninsured and if it was not for my mother allowing me to use her home in Florida, living in my vehicle (soon to be sold) or a shelter. My first meeting with an attorney is next week (could be the ONLY meet. as my funds are limited-yup, x2b controls the bucks). At least no children are involved.

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