Life Is a DSI Game

My son finished the last two problems on his math homework a bit two quickly I thought as he stuffed it into his backpack.  I asked him to let me see it.  It was multiple choice.  His answers were wrong.

“I just guessed,” he said.  He was in a hurry to get to his DSI, which if you have kids you know is a handheld electronic game.  I wish he applied just ten percent of the energy and time he spends on that game to his school work.

This morning, I had an idea.  I told both my children on the way to the bus stop, “Boys, life is like a giant DSI game.”

“It is?” they chimed.

“Yes, each grade in school is a different level.  Every grade you get in a class is like a Pokemon (pocket monster) that gives you additional powers.  There is a Pokemon for math, one for reading, one for spelling, one for science and so on.  Show up.  Be aggressive.  Attack your work.  Get as many Pokemons as you can.”

“Gee, Dad, you must be on level 100 by now.”  I smiled.