Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

THYDEN GROSS AND CALLAHAN LLP is pleased to announce that partners, James J. Gross, Michael F. Callahan and Lois R. Finklestein, have been selected as Maryland Super Lawyers and District of Columbia Super Lawyers for 2008. The Super Lawyers selection process includes peer nominations, a blue ribbon panel review and independent research. Only five percent […]

Capital gains

How does a one time capital gain factor in to child support? Is a one time capital gain income for child support? Let me tell you a little story. I was just ordering a cuppa joe and a muffin at the Starbucks next to the courthouse when I bumped into Ronnie, a lawyer friend of […]

First Wives World is calling for all divorced women to watch the CBS Evening News with anchor Katie Couric. Debbie Nigro, Chief Executive Girlfriend of, notes that only about 6 million people are watching Katie every night, but there are over 40 million divorced women. According to Nigro, the response at First Wives World […]

Stay at home mom

My wife and I had our annual argument last night about who has the harder job. I am a high pressure lawyer and she is a stay at home mom. I thought I would win hands down. She came armed with some statistics, however. According to the mom pay wizard calculator at Salary.Com, the typical […]

James J. Gross and Lois R. Finkelstein, of the law firm of Thyden Gross & Callahan in Chevy Chase, Maryland, have been selected as District of Columbia Super Lawyers for 2007. They are listed among the top 5% of lawyers in the D.C. area practicing family law as a result of a survey by Law […]

maryland rule 9-203 and which financial statement to file in Maryland

I can never remember which financial statement I have to file and when – the nine page long form at Rule 9-203(a), the one page short form at Rule 9-203(b) or none at all. Fortunately, the answer is provided in Maryland Rule 9-203: (e) Financial statement – Spousal support.– If spousal support is claimed by […]

Walk Away Wife Syndrome

After you have been a divorce lawyer for as long as I have, 30 years or so, you begin to see some patterns in your cases. One is the Walk Away Wife Syndrome. There will be about a million divorces this year. And the majority of them will be filed by women. Men and women handle […]

James. J Gross is the co-author of the e-book How to File For Divorce in Maryland, available for download today on DivorceNet.Com for $19.95. He is also the author or co-author of the following books which are available at Fathers’ Rights: The Best Interest of Your Child Includes You File for Divorce in Maryland, […]