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Visitation Calendar

Sometimes it is just easier for co-parents to communicate online with messages and visitation schedules so they don’t get distracted and drawn into arguments. I have seen a few websites devoted to this idea, with visitation calendars and other features for a fee. But today I ran across Cozi which says it is a site […]

vaccinations and child custody

Parents are rightly concerned about vaccinations for their children to prevent the swine flu (H1N1) or the seasonal flu.  These are medical decisions.  If you have joint legal custody with a co-parent, then vaccinations ought to be agreed upon by both parents. “Legal custody” carries with it the right and obligation to make long range […]

It is always nice to hear from other bloggers.  This morning, I received an email from Donna Mitchell, who has listed her Top 20 Sites for Do It Yourself Law on her blog, Paralegal Schools Online.  You can also find legal information specifically for Maryland, Virginia and DC divorces on our website. Joseph Keller updated […]

How do you pay for a divorce attorney when you have no money? That’s a question I get a lot. Here are some answers culled from the comments at Second and third jobs Cash in all savings Borrow from pension Sell Assets Borrow from friends and family Credit cards Cut living expenses Line of […]

TLC said on Tuesday that “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ will be renamed “Kate Plus 8″ due to recent changes in family dynamics. On Thursday, octodad, Jon Gosselin told Larry King,”The reason I don’t think it’s healthy for them is that we’re going through a divorce right now, and I don’t think it should be […]

Intent to relocate with children

Section 9-106 of the Family Law Article of the Maryland Code provides that the Court may, in any custody or visitation proceeding, include a notice provision for intent to relocate in its order. It is not automatic. You have to ask for it. The provision is so that the non-custodial parent has a chance to […]

deposition tips and traps

How to Protect Your Fathers’s Rights and Mother’s Rights at a Deposition A deposition is part of the discovery process in a custody trial.  Your spouse’s lawyer gets to ask you a lot of questions, some rude or embarrassing, at his or her office, in front of a stenographer who is taking everything down to […]

Divorce Poem About Divorces and Separations

Here is a poem about divorces and separations. “Divorced, beheaded, died, Divorced, beheaded, survived.” — Rhyme about the fate of those half dozen queens that were married to Henry VIII, King of England (1491-1547).  They were, in order: Catherine of Aragon Anne Boleyn Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves Catherine Howard Catherine Parr