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“My husband and I have not been intimate for over a year,” Louise, an unhappily married woman tells Joe, a Maryland divorce lawyer, “and I want a divorce.” “OK, any other woman in his life?” inquires Joe. “No.” “Hmmm, any domestic violence or threats?” “No.” “Then you’re going to have to move out of the […]

A study commissioned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company reveals that 60 percent of business owners do not have a plan in place to divorce-proof their companies.   According to, the study involved six focus groups and 518 business owners. “If a company is owned by a couple, a divorce can paralyze the business and […]

A New York Times article reports new research from Utah State University shows that couples arguing about money at least once a week have a thirty percent higher chance of filing divorce. In the study, sexual and financial issues were reported to cause arguments in marriages, but financial issues had the higher correlation to divorces. […]

Tax breaks available to taxpayers with children are: 1.  dependency exemption 2.  head of household filing status 3.  child tax credit 4.  child and dependent care credit 5.  earned income tax credit But each of these used to have a different requirement for when a child qualified for favorable tax treatment.  Now the IRS has […]

by Jill H. Breslau Separation and divorce are among the most stressful life transitions, and self care becomes crucial if you are going to handle the transition with clear focus and good judgment. I encourage my divorce clients to take care of themselves.  Not just in the casual, “Okay, take care, bye” sense of it, […]

Mr. and Mrs. Courson were married for less than a year when Mrs. Courson decided to leave him.  But after talking to her father-in-law, who was a marriage counselor, she had a change of heart.  The father-in-law told the husband that the wife wanted to reconcile but the husband flatly refused.  A child was born […]

Every once in a while, I get to use the word pettifogger in a letter. A pettifogger is someone who likes to bicker or quibble over trifles or unimportant matters. I was responding to one of those lawyers who is dead right on the law, but dead wrong on being sensible.  In the middle of […]