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There is strength in small gestures

Our law, for the most part, comes from England.  England has rather complex rules and pleadings which we have inherited.  Courts have published Rules of Procedure.  Each state has different rules and the federal courts and the DC courts have the Federal Rules of Procedure.  There is even a class in law school called Rules […]

Real divorce lawyers take notes!

“Why do you take notes? Lawyers don’t take notes. I never had a lawyer who took notes,” the president asked former White House counsel Don McGahn, according to the Mueller Report. McGahn responded he keeps notes because he is a “real lawyer.” “I’ve had a lot of great lawyers, like Roy Cohn. He did not […]

Ask the divorce lawyer

In this post, divorce lawyers from Thyden Gross and Callahan answer your family law questions. The Dispute Q: The children didn’t have school today (Friday).  My ex says I have to pick them up at her house.  I say that she has to drop them off to me. Who’s right? Divorce Lawyer Answer:  First let’s […]

A judge makes a decision that creates a unique child support solution

A woman sued a man for child support in Brazil for her daughter, now nine years old, who was born after a casual fling.  The judge ordered a DNA test and it came back identifying the man as the father. Which Twin? But the man denied he slept with the woman.  It turned out that […]

Child Support Money

You may be able recover past due child support payments some day. Consider this case. Toni Anderson of California divorced Donald Lenhart in the early 70s.  Anderson had custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Lane Lenhart. Donald was ordered to pay $160 a month in child support. “He made the first payment,” Toni said. “I was […]

Can you be too rich for alimony in a divorce?

Can you be too rich to get alimony in a divorce? This is a great problem to have. Alimony in Divorce – A South Carolina Case In a 2017 case out of South Carolina, the court awarded $5,000 a month in permanent alimony to the wife in a 28-year marriage. The husband made over $400,000 […]

A Robot Mediator for Family Law Cases?

“I’ve only got two tools my toolbox,”  divorce attorney Andy Pratt tells his clients.  “Either we negotiate an agreement with your spouse or we go to court and let the judge decide.” Maybe now he will be able to add a third tool to his toolbox. A robot mediator using artificial intelligence and an algorithm […]

couples therapy on your cell phone

Hate to drive to therapy? Hate to tell your secrets to a stranger? Hate paying for therapy? Just download the LifeCouple app and you will have couples therapy on your cell phone available 24/7. The app will first ask you to rate satisfaction in different areas of your relationship. If your partner and you report […]