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A review of acquiescence in divorce appeals

Here’s a look at the acquiescence defense in divorce appeals. Say you’ve done everything right on your appeal from a divorce order that didn’t go your way. You filed the notice of appeal on time and in the right court. You ordered the transcript. You filed the index. You wrote the brief, kept it within […]

divorce quotes

“Marriage is one of the few institutions that allow a man to do as his wife pleases.” — Milton Berle

When a parent doesn’t pay court-ordered child support the amount due keeps adding up every month and is called an arrearage.

Is your child support in arrears? When a parent doesn’t pay court-ordered child support the amount due adds up every month. This is called a child support arrearage. Sometimes you would like to make the arrearage go away. For example, if you reconciles or child custody changes from one parent to the other, you may […]

a journal can help with the feelings of divorce

We are always happy to hear stories of people turning divorce into a positive experience and helping others along the way. In this case, an interesting divorce journal is the result. A Journal for the Divorce Experience Alisha Strattman says she created Life Goes On Journals when she realized her marriage was over. “I was […]

Are lottery winnings marital property?

Today’s scenario: A man who is legally separated from his wife wins the lottery. Does he have to share the winnings with his wife? The marital property law of your state holds the answer. I’ve done the calculation and your chances of winning the lottery are identical whether you play or not.” — Fran Lebowitz […]

Life insurance to protect the alimony payment in a divorce

Recently I wrote regarding using life insurance to assure payment of child support.  Another scenario is life insurance to protect the alimony payment in a divorce – the spouse being the beneficiary of the policy. This is a straight forward consideration flowing from payer/insured spouse to payee/beneficiary spouse.  The insured wants less coverage and less […]

Life insurance to assure payment of child support

The decision to pay money to an insurance company now so that the insurance company will pay others after you are dead is usually undertaken with some ambivalence. However, life insurance is an important consideration to assure payment of child support. If you have minor children, you generally will still need life insurance coverage post-divorce.  […]

Life insurance in divorce

Divorcing spouses and parents have varied life insurance needs. Whenever one or more persons are financially dependent on another’s earnings, there is what the life insurance industry refers to as an insurable interest. In families of two married parents with young children, the primary wage earner often has life insurance coverage equal to several years […]