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Most college-bound freshman are over 18.  The law says that makes them adults; parents know better. They are grown-up but new to the world of managing their money, bills and contracts.  New to the world of managing their own medical appointments and follow-ups. If you need to talk to the bursar’s office about tuition, grants, […]

The repair man came to fix the washing machine on Friday.  He hooked his computer up to it and it told him that the pressure switch was faulty.  He didn’t have a pressure switch on the van.  So he went to pick one up. On Saturday, the washing machine would not start.  I called the […]

“It’s either me or the dog,” a woman in Istanbul told her husband.  The husband had brought the dog and a parrot to their apartment. “We have a baby at home,” she declared. We can’t take care of these animals too.” The man refused to get rid of the animals.  The wife then moved into […]

Lawmakers are slowly making divorce easier in Maryland, but you still have to file a complaint with the court and go to a hearing to get a divorce.  Meanwhile, England and Wales have introduced digital divorces.  Couples can apply for divorce online with a few clicks, upload supporting documents and pay court fees. During the […]

One of my first tasks as a chemical engineer at the Procter & Gamble Company was to design a tank to hold a chemical called Toluene.  I had to calculate the parameters, like pressure, volume, and flammable temperature.  I was lucky to stumble upon an unused tank on the property that would work and save […]

When my kids were growing up, we had an inside joke.  Whenever I corrected their grammar or slang, I told them to speak the King’s English. In today’s news, I hear of Trump’s lawyer profanely chewing out a reporter, Samantha Bee apologizing for calling the President’s daughter a profane name, and Roseanne Barr sending a […]

Eighty-five percent of workers worldwide, in an anonymous Gallup poll , said they hated their jobs. I was talking to opposing counsel last week who told me that after 30 plus years of practicing divorce law, she was going to try something else.  She said that the parties were more unreasonable, lawyers were meaner and […]

Guest Post by Sarah Jones When the relationship starts to break down, all the abuse at home – verbal and physical, tension, and negative emotions are felt by the whole household, including your dogs! Divorce is a stressful and painful process. All the changes at home resulting in the absence of one parent can be […]