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Settling your divorce case out of court is almost always better than a divorce trial.  Knowing how to respond to a divorce settlement offer is important. Many people don’t know how to use principled negotiation techniques to reach a divorce settlement. Here are some examples of the wrong way to respond to an offer: Give […]

Got My Name Changed Back Pistol Annies It takes judge to get married, takes a judge to get divorced Well the last couple years, spent a lotta time in court Got my name changed back (yeah yeah) I got my name changed back (yeah yeah) Well I wanted somethin’ new, then I wanted what I […]

Divorce lawyer Kline liked to be in his office early in the morning before the phones started ringing, clients started filling the waiting room, and the other lawyers started asking him questions. He turned on the Nespresso machine, poured some flavored creamer into his coffee mug, and punched up the next email that looked interesting. […]

Kline, a well-known family lawyer, couldn’t sleep past 5 am.  So he was the first one in his law office Monday morning.  He flipped on the lights and started checking email.  Among the dozens of pitches from salespeople and scam artists, one from a young lady named Kerry caught his attention.  “My husband left me […]

We are providing this information as a public service.  We practice elder and disability law, but counseling and representing veterans in connection with VA benefits is a specialized field and we do not offer these services.  Don’t stop, read on … This is the benefit that changes: Vets and their spouses who are 65 or […]

Damage by Rachel Wammack I’m a bartender Best friend pretender I make drinks to help forget and help remember Beautiful humans I am a student And I’ve seen it from all sides winning and losing Oh, love can do Love can do Love can do some damage She was his first wife She was his […]

Two hundred divorces in the UK since the beginning of the year have cited Fortnight as the reason for the breakup. If you don’t know what Fortnight is, your children can probably tell you.  It’s a highly addictive, time-consuming video game that can be downloaded and played for free on the Internet. My two teensage […]

If domestic violence is affecting your living situation, you cannot allow it to continue. You deserve to feel safe in your home, and if someone is making you feel unsafe or otherwise harming you, that individual needs to be held accountable. It sometimes takes domestic violence victims a length amount of time to come to […]