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Can you be too rich for alimony in a divorce?

Can you be too rich to get alimony in a divorce? This is a great problem to have. Alimony in Divorce – A South Carolina Case In a 2017 case out of South Carolina, the court awarded $5,000 a month in permanent alimony to the wife in a 28-year marriage. The husband made over $400,000 […]

A Robot Mediator for Family Law Cases?

“I’ve only got two tools my toolbox,”  divorce attorney Andy Pratt tells his clients.  “Either we negotiate an agreement with your spouse or we go to court and let the judge decide.” Maybe now he will be able to add a third tool to his toolbox. A robot mediator using artificial intelligence and an algorithm […]

Hate to drive to therapy?  Hate to tell your secrets to a stranger?  Hate paying for therapy?  Just download the LifeCouple app and you will have couples therapy on your cell phone available 24/7. The app will first ask you to rate satisfaction in different areas of your relationship.  If your partner and you report […]

Medicaid is the primary government program that pays for long-term care.  It is a means-tested program; If your countable assets exceed the limit ($2,500 in Maryland, $2,000 in Virginia and $4,000 in DC) you don’t qualify, and Medicaid will not pay for your care. You can give your assets away, but Medicaid looks back five […]

To file a complaint for divorce, you have to have to cite a reason. These are known as as grounds for divorce in Maryland. They are listed in the Maryland Code. The Code has both fault and no-fault grounds.   Fault grounds, such as adultery, desertion and cruelty, are factors the court must consider in determing […]

Question of the Day:  Will the government shutdown affect my divorce? Answer:   No.  Although the federal government is partially shut down, divorce court is run by the state government.

I woke up this morning with lots of problems.  It’s the way divorce lawyers wake up every morning. Not only do I have my own problems to solve, but my clients want me to solve their problems as well. I am exceedingly grateful for this.  For one thing, I enjoy problem-solving.  I love riddles and […]

In a divorce, what you call something can make all the difference in the world. It’s like the wall being discussed by the President. It turns out that the wall may not be a wall after all. Our President says he will build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., or a fence or metal […]