Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

If you switch wives you just switch annoyances. — A wise man. (And you could probably say the same thing about switching husbands.)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, John Husband writes about this un-holiday if you are Single Over Thirty. You can subscribe to his column here. And here’s an idea. Celebrate Happy Divorce Day by taking your divorce lawyer to lunch.

To keep your marriage brimmingWith love in the loving cupWhen you’re wrong admit it;And when you’re right, shut up. — Ogden Nash

Why is that lawyers do not return telephone calls? We are supposed to be in a service business after all. Divorce clients are under stress and when they call their lawyer they really want to talk to him or her. The Client’s Mantra I needed a lawyer. I called you. I couldn’t get you. I […]

If you don’t have fault grounds for divorce in Maryland, there are two no-fault grounds — one year voluntary separation and two years involuntary separation. One defense to a complaint based on one year voluntary separation is that the separation is not voluntary. This means it will take two years to get divorced instead of […]

What can you do when a spouse locks you out? If talking doesn’t work, you can hire a locksmith to let you in. Or you can take a more direct approach and force a window or a door as long as your name is on the deed or the lease. It is perfectly legal to […]

Maryland business owners, who are getting a divorce, are sometimes surprised to learn that their spouse is a secret partner in their business. The price can be up to 50% although their other partner, Uncle Sam sometimes gets a share, too. When the spouse’s lawyer calls me to make an appointment with a business valuation […]

A wife can ask the divorce court to change her name back to her former name at the divorce hearing in Maryland. Under common law, you can call yourself anything you want to as long as it is not to defraud anyone or interfere with their rights. Maryland law is the same. But sometimes a […]