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Fathers’ Rights to Child Visitation Virtual visitation is child visitation by camera over the Internet. Parents can agree to this in their parenting agreement or just do it without an agreement when they live far apart. If you are a long-distance dad and can afford it, buy your kids a computer and set this up. […]

Finding Fairness with Mothers’ Rights and Fathers’ Rights I have a letter from a lawyer on the other side in a divorce where she represents the mother, who is a doctor, and I represent the father, a teacher. She says that because the mother has been the primary breadwinner in the family, she should get […]

I was surprised to find that Virginia had twice as many divorces as Maryland and thirty times as many divorces as DC in these 1997 statistics from Divorce Magazine: Virginia 29,965 Maryland 16,397 DC 1,096 I guess Virginia really is for lovers.

The two hardest things in life are moving and divorce, and sometimes moving is not that hard. — Howard Newhouse

The more I practice divorce law for a living the more I think the most important element in a good marriage is good luck — that is finding the right person. I always say to my wife, if she ever thinks about divorcing me, just spend a day in my office and she will change […]

If you are contemplating divorce instead of Valentine’s Day, Michelle Singletary lists some action items for your exit strategy in her Washington Post article today: 1. Make copies of joint tax returns. You can order computer transcripts for free from the IRS with form 4506-T or call 800-829-1040. Or you can get copies of the […]

If you switch wives you just switch annoyances. — A wise man. (And you could probably say the same thing about switching husbands.)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, John Husband writes about this un-holiday if you are Single Over Thirty. You can subscribe to his column here. And here’s an idea. Celebrate Happy Divorce Day by taking your divorce lawyer to lunch.