Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

This 1960 case on Kevin Underhill’s Blog caught my eye because I am from Missouri. You can get a divorce in Missouri for “general indignities”, a term that means the same thing as “irreconcilable differences” in some states. It seems that Mr. Moore filed for divorce against Mrs. Moore based on the following general indignities: […]

In the case of children, having a resolution process is extremely important. All of us require a certain amount of continuity and certainty in our lives. Our psychological health requires some fundamental security and regularity. It is difficult for children if their parents can’t agree on a doctor, for example. Imagine that one takes eight […]

Leroy Greer of Houston, Texas, was in the middle of his divorce, and thought he had reached a settlement with his wife, according to a story by WMAQ TV. Then he called 1-800-FLOWERS and ordered a dozen roses to be sent to his girlfriend. The flower company sent a thank you note to his home […]

Before a new law in October of last year, a Maryland divorce court could not transfer title to the marital home. In a divorce, the court could only order the parties to sell the marital home and divide the net proceeds equally. The court usually appointed a trustee to hire a real estate agent and […]

Looking for that perfect gift for your divorcing friends? How about an Ex Voodoo Kitchen Knife Block from PerpetualKid.Com for $59.99? Or a plaque that says “Better to Have Love and Lost Than to Live with a Psycho” from Mountain Meadows Pottery for $12.95? You can find these and other amusing breakup gifts at […]

Thanks to the Librarians at Southern Illinois University for making my book, Fathers’ Rights, This Week’s Featured Book on Law Dawg Blog.

TMZ.Com reports that Larry Birkhead filed a lawsuit Friday against his former attorney, Debra Opri, who represented him in the child custody case over his daughter with Anna Nicole Smith. Birkhead claims that Opri promised to represent him for free for the publicity. Then she pocketed money he was supposed to get from his appearances […]

Stay at home mom

My wife and I had our annual argument last night about who has the harder job. I am a high pressure lawyer and she is a stay at home mom. I thought I would win hands down. She came armed with some statistics, however. According to the mom pay wizard calculator at Salary.Com, the typical […]