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Question of the Day:  Will the government shutdown affect my divorce? Answer:   No.  Although the federal government is partially shut down, divorce court is run by the state government.

I woke up this morning with lots of problems.  It’s the way divorce lawyers wake up every morning. Not only do I have my own problems to solve, but my clients want me to solve their problems as well. I am exceedingly grateful for this.  For one thing, I enjoy problem-solving.  I love riddles and […]

It turns out that the wall may not be a wall after all.  Our President says he will build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. or a fence or metal slats or a barrier.  Maybe he just means a better security system or maybe it’s just a symbol or metaphor for an anti-immigration philosophy.  […]

Medicaid is a means tested program.  If your countable assets or your income exceed the allowable maximums you do not qualify and Medicaid will not pay your long-term care costs until you do.  Once you need long-term care, in the Washington area you will be spending $8,000 – $12, 000 per month on nursing home […]

Medicaid is the primary government program that pays for long-term care of the elderly or disabled. It is a federal-state partnership. Federal law sets out the broad parameters of the program and the states administer it within their borders. Medicaid is a means tested program. If your countable assets or your income exceed the allowable […]

Your estate planning should include a plan for long-term care.

Most Americans do not know the facts surrounding their potential need for long-term care.  This was confirmed recently in a telephone survey of 1,735 Americans over the age of 40, funded by the SCAN Foundation and conducted by the Associated Press (AP) – NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Most People Need a Plan for […]

Getting divorced? We're all human and we'll help you get through it.

A client missed a hearing in his divorce. Fortunately, it did not affect the outcome of his case.  He said he just forgot to put the divorce hearing date on his calendar.  He was profoundly apologetic. I could have criticized him and added to his misery or said nothing.  But I knew exactly what to say. […]

The cost of long-term care can be catastrophic.We have 78 million aging baby boomers. Few people have sufficient resources to pay for needed long-term care. In an effort to deal with this concern, the Long-Term Care Financing Collaborative (the “Collaborative”) began meeting in 2012. They are now a formalized group. The collaborative’s goal is to […]