I was thinking about timing today. It makes a difference which side of the equation you are on. If only one spouse is making money then half of the mortgage principle payments, savings, investments and pension plan contributions may go to the other spouse until the separation agreement or divorce. So you can see how the strategy of one spouse might be to speed things up while the other spouse may want to slow things down.

Sometimes spouses will say to me that they knew it wasn’t going to work from the beginning. When I ask them why they stuck with it so long, they say “because I thought he/she would change.” The amazing part is that I hear this from people that have been married five years, fifteen years and thirty years.

There is an article in the Washington Post today by Alicia Ault that says an unhappy marriage can affect your health. And the longer you stay and older you get, the more damage it does to your health, possibly because of the stress.