Helping Kids With Homework

It’s hard enough to get your kids to do their homework.  But what it you are living in two different households, with different rules, different schedules, and multiple children.  Susan Schaefer provides some good advice and a great checklist for divorced parents who are helping their children with schoolwork.  Here is a short sample from the list:

  • Find a way to communicate with each other that feels comfortable. If speaking on the phone is too hostile, text or email instead.
  • Communicate with your child. Ask,” Can I see your planner?” “Are any tests coming up?” “Do you want me to quiz you?” “What did you learn in school today?” Or be more specific: “What did you learn about in social studies today?”
  • If it’s used in your child’s school, have the username and password for the school website and check on grades from time to time (once a week is good).
  • Make schoolwork a priority. Work first, fun later.