Tipper Gore and Al Gore announced in an email to friends that they are separating after 40 years of marriage.  They said they labored over the decision for a long time and reached a mutual agreement to live separately.  The reason given was that they had grown apart.

My wife and I have different pursuits.  She stays home with our children.  She is the president of the PTA.  She is working on a local political campaign.

I manage a busy law office and spend most days puzzling out how to untangle complex financial relationships between divorcing spouses.  Sometimes, while I am in the middle of a million dollar deal, and trying hard to concentrate on some troublesome aspect, my wife will call me.  The fish died, my son made the swim team, what was in that salad we had last week, and oh by the way we need milk.

Do I stop what I’m doing, take a deep breath and redirect my mind to her world?  You bet.

We are different, but we respect the differences, sometimes even finding humor in them.   We have different worlds but they intersect at home, family and raising our children.  We interact, communicate and participate.  Growing apart is a decision you make.  The opposite decision is staying together.

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  1. Reasons for Divorce
    Reasons for Divorce says:

    I’m sad to hear about one of America’s congenial figures undergoing divorce. Still, despite the negative vibes that surround divorce, you still have to respect how people deal with their marital problems. I hope the best for the Gore family.

  2. James J. Gross
    James J. Gross says:

    I think the “teaching moment” from this is that marriage is something you have to keep working at and participating in every day if you value it.

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