Frogs Divorce to Stop The Rain

The residents of Bhopal, India were suffering through a drought this summer. In desperation, they sought to appease Lord Indra, the Hindu God of Rains. The only way to do this was to hold a special marriage ceremony. It was special because the bride and groom were frogs.

The frogs were married on July 19. It began to rain. And it rained and rained. It is still raining two months later. Bhopal has received 26 percent more rainfall than normal. Rain in Bhopal on Sunday almost broke a 13-year-old record of most rain recorded in a city.

Bhopal has recorded 48 mm of heavy rain in the last two hours. The city’s lower sections flooded. Officials released three gates at Bhopal Kaliyasot Dam, Bhadbhada Dam, and Kolar to release the water and prevent the dams from breaking.

There was only one thing left to do to stop the rain. The frogs had to be divorced. During the divorce proceedings, mantras were chanted and the frogs were separated. The people of Bhopal hope the frog divorce will bring them relief from the rain.