For Father’s Day, although I am hoping for a new Apple iPhone, I would be satisfied with a good book or two. For the fathers in your life, you can give them my book, Fathers’ Rights, now in second edition online and at fine books stores everywhere. As for me, I would like to read the Four Day Workweek or Tim Russert’s book, Wisdom of our Fathers, in paperback just in time for Father’s Day.

I know that Mr. Russert’s book consists of letters from children about the wisdom that their fathers imparted to them. He includes a blank page at the beginning for children to write their own letter to their fathers.

That got me to thinking about the other side of that coin. There are many things I would like to tell my children. Some of the wisdom I would like them to have is sublime and some is silly. I would like to protect them from life’s harms. I would like to help them avoid the mistakes I made. But I won’t be around forever to advise them. I need to write them some letters.

If you are a father, and have words of advice for your children, post them here in the comments section for Father’s Day. If we get enough, who knows, maybe a publisher will be interested in a book.