Supporting Fathers’ Rights for Recently Imprisoned

The District of Columbia has launched a new pilot program to support fathers’ rights for dad who are recently imprisoned. The program will help fathers returning from jail become better parents. The Fathering Court will help fathers obtain drug treatment, parenting classes and job training.

The initial class of 45 noncustodial fathers will be provided with a needs assessment, case management, and community resources. Participants will have mandatory fathering classes, employment training, family and parental educational classes and mandatory drug testing.

“The Fathering Court is a unique effort to help fathers returning from prison become better parents—financially and emotionally—to their children,” said Family Court Presiding Judge Anita Josey-Herring. “[W]e will be able to help them find gainful employment, slowly increase the amount of child support they owe, and to develop meaningful relationships with their children. Custodial parents will get the child support they are due, fathers will have a chance to meet their support requirements, and the relationship between parent and child will be about more than just money.”

D.C. Attorney General Linda Singer agreed.

“Parents coming out of prison have many strikes against them, and this program is designed to give them a fighting chance to be a parent to their child or children,” she said.

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  1. B. James Stinson
    B. James Stinson says:

    The D.C. Bar link doesn’t go all the way through, but based on this explanatory text that you’ve provided, I think Fathering Court is an idea with great promise. We have got to do as much as we can to break the cycle of illegitimacy and fatherlessness, or it’s going to swallow up the republic.
    B. James Stinson

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