Ellen Gray and Jane Fields, friends who grew up together in Alexandria, Virginia, both of whom have small children, discovered their husbands were having affairs around the same time last year.

In a Eureka moment, the two women created LousySpouse.com, which they launched this summer with a kickoff at the Sequoia in Washington, DC.

Their site has a breezy style that’s a pleasure to read, and plenty of features like free work sheets and forms, checklists, a glossary of divorce terms, Q&A’s, and a discussion and support forum.   If you’re not sure if you have a lousy spouse, you can take the Lousy Spouse Test.

The site has been featured in the Washington Times and the Washington Post published a transcript of Jane’s online answers yesterday to some good questions, like “Should you tell a friend that her spouse is cheating?”

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  1. Rose
    Rose says:

    Fantastic site
    Everyone with pain should go there/male or female…………….these girls Ellen and Jane are terrific and brillant.

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