Divorce Lawyer Creates Conversation Cards to Help You Stay Married

Divorce lawyer and mediator Ron Ousky has created a set of conversation cards to help you stay married.

Ousky got the idea from listening to his divorce clients and wishing he could turn back the clock and get them talking to each other.  He says that as kids, jobs, in-laws and money stresses begin to take up all the conversation time in a marriage, couples grow apart.

His cards prompt couples to talk about ideas that keep couples connected, like gratitude, mistakes, forgiveness, and how we express love and want to be loved. The idea is that these topics will help you stay married.

As for a divorce lawyer promoting marriage, Ousky says it is not that unusual. Divorce lawyers want to help people in distress just like doctors want people to be healthy. And, he notes, there will always be enough conflict to keep divorce lawyers busy.