Here’s a new trick to watch out for and it shows you how desperate people can get to win when child custody is at stake.

A father in London, England was asserting his fathers’ rights for custody of his four year old daughter. He received an email from a charity supporting his position that he should have more time with the child.

But when he tried to introduce the document in court, the wife’s barrister, Bruce Hyman, stood up and accused him of forging a fictitious email.

Unnerved by the chastening exchange in court, the father went home that night and researched how to track email on the Internet. He was able to successfully trace the email to an Internet Posting Service in Manchester. He called and they said it came from an it came from an Internet Shop on Tottenham Court Road in Central London.

The father is quoted in Britain’s Telegraph, “I called the shop and within five or six hours they emailed me saying staff had recalled a gentleman coming into the store on the day the emails were sent. He’d not bought anything but had asked to use their internet services. They then said they’d got him on CCTV and sent me some stills. I nearly fell off my chair.”

It was the wife’s barrister, Mr. Hyman. The barrister was later arrested by police for perverting the course of justice. He admitted he sent the email and he will be sentenced next month. He has been disbarred and could face jail time.