Divorce and Money

It’s been said that money changes everything. Money and finances certainly affect marriage and divorce.

It’s not always easy to sort out how to analyze all the financial issues that arise in divorce. “Our money” is going to become “my money” and “your money.” So “I” want more of “mine” and less of “yours”.

But “our kids” will still be our kids. So it’s not so easy to know whether I want more child support, more life insurance coverage, more college costs commitment, and so forth.

Sometimes when you get “more” I still get the same, like social security benefits. And sometimes you get a relatively lot more if I’ll take a relatively little less, for example pension survivor benefits.

We are going to take a look at various financial issues in divorce in a series of articles. We’ll look at how divorce changes, or does not change, the analysis of issues like college costs, life insurance needs, housing costs, social security, pensions, financial planning and other topics.