FirstWivesWorld.Com is celebrating Mother’s Day the whole month with a series of articles on children and divorce. I think that several of these articles apply to fathers as well. For example there is an excellent article by Dr. Scott Haltzman on creating two homes for the children after a divorce.

Individual Space

Dr. Haltzman recommends that each parent create an individual space exclusively for the children, which includes:

  • A sleep area specifically dedicated to the children
  • Age appropriate space in the bathroom for toiletries or make up
  • Uncluttered room to study or do homework
  • A storage area or closet for your children’s belongings
  • Designated space to play or exercise.

“Even if you have a fold out bed, and a desk that pulls out from under a table, with a bath basket of special supplies, your children will get the message that they have a home with you, says Dr. Haltzman.

Basic Necessities

He also provides this list of basic necessities to give children a sense of identity and belonging:

  • Personal clothes (especially undergarments)
  • Study materials (paper, computer, no. 2 pencils-you get the idea)
  • Books and toys that reflect your child’s personal tastes
  • A means of communication (cell phone, land line, etc) between your ex- and your children
  • A daily planner or calendar to help you child keep track of his or her schedule.
  • Finally, it must be a home to your child. And the only ingredient you need for that is your love.