I particularly like Mistake #3 from Financial Planner Lee Slater’s article on Dr. Judith Gerhart’s blog entitled, “Hiring a Combative Lawyer as Punishment”. Lee says,

“This is a very bad idea for two reasons. First, except in extremely egregious cases, divorce settlements are determined by equitable distribution laws and courts will not punish your ex-spouse financially for being a bad person. Second, your attorney assumes carte blanche to increase hours spent on your case. High divorce costs mean less money will be leftover for living. Treat divorce as a business arrangement and get your revenge by living well post-divorce.”

I keep trying to educate the world about this, but it is hard sailing against the wind. Combative lawyers continue to have lots of clients. But all that combative style is for client entertainment, and a costly detour from the straight path of resolving your legal case. Take it from me. What you really need is a lawyer that is a technician, someone who quietly gets the work done, meets deadlines and returns your calls.