A false internet rumor got started yesterday that Cindy McCain was having an affair with a Maryland divorce lawyer. Google Trends will tell you the keywords for the day that people are searching for and talking about on the Internet. A blogger named Corey Palmer may have put the hot key phrases “Cindy McCain” and “Maryland Divorce Lawyer” in a silly, made-up story to draw searchers to his blog, Corey’s Hijinks. In the article called “Cindy McCain’s Affair”, Palmer stated:

“Looks like some dirt has just some out of the woodwork — a Cindy McCain affair? It doesn’t take an Maryland divorce lawyer to know what is going to happen next if this is true. A Maryland divorce lawyer (why that state? I don’t know, first one I thought of LOL). There not even from that state are they?

C’mon….I don’t think there has been an affair of any kind. Sorry, Mr. Maryland divorce lawyer, nothing to see here. But what would have happened if there was? I think people like to start these stories of husbands and wives not getting along, cheating on each other and everything else.

It’s sad all the stories that come out at these times. And it is sad to be teasing any of the Maryland divorce lawyers into thinking that there is a marriage being split up! Leave these families alone!”

In spite of the fact that this was obviously a bogus story, other blogs picked it up as true, and it gained a momentum all its own.

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