Choosing a Divorce Lawyer


Guest Post by Brandon Bernstein

As you begin the process of looking for divorce lawyers in Maryland, there’s surely already a great deal on your mind. Therefore, it’s especially important that you get started on the right foot.

With the following tips, you’ll learn a little bit about how to choose a divorce lawyer in Maryland, and how to ensure that you get on the same page and work with that lawyer to protect your best interests as much as possible.

Choose The Right Type of Attorney: Different divorce lawyers in Maryland may specialize in different approaches to the overall process.  What type of resolution are you seeking, and in which fashion? While many family law attorneys in Maryland offer both mediation and litigation services, others specialize in just one or the other and may or may not be the best fit for your specific needs or preferences.

Avoid Shopping Around Too Much: A popular trend these days is to have a free divorce consultation with as many attorneys as you can, and therefore prevent your ex from hiring those same attorneys and firms. While that’s certainly one approach, it may benefit you to simply find the right attorney, one whom you are comfortable with and who can deliver you the results you’re looking for, and get started with preparations as quickly as possible.

Never Sign Any Agreements Without Representation: What will that quick and easy separation agreement your spouse drafted up really hurt, right? Not so fast. Do not sign any types of agreements, or try to draw one up, on your own, without qualified divorce lawyers in Maryland. You may be setting yourself up for failure, and the wrong type of language, or the exclusion of an important clause, can come back to haunt you.

Understand the Process: Be sure that your attorney is upfront and direct with you about what to expect during the process. This includes everything from timelines to fees to steps along the way, how to prepare, and so forth. When you understand what to expect, you’ll be more at ease along the way.

Don’t Conceal Information: If there’s one person in the world you need to be honest and forthcoming with right now, it’s your divorce lawyer. Don’t conceal any information which is or potentially could be relevant to your case. It only muddies the picture and makes it more difficult for your attorney to protect you.

Trust: When searching for family law attorneys in Maryland, find somebody you can really trust and depend upon. Be sure that the divorce lawyer in Maryland that you choose is honest and dependable.

With the above tips, hopefully you’ll be able to have an easier time searching for and choosing between divorce lawyers in Maryland. If you’re facing an impending separation and divorce, don’t hesitate to take action as swiftly as possible.

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