Todd Hollis of Pittsburgh is suing Tasha Josephs for defamation after several women posted comments about him on a website called according to this article on Wired News.

Hollis, an attorney himself, says the website does not have safeguards to ensure the truthfulness of the items posted.

Josephs says it is a cost-effective weapon in the war on cheating men. The website says is coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ms. Joseph their can be no lively debate amongst people where the woman is allowed to speak and post without interruption and the man is forced to respond by emailing you and waiting until you feel like posting the so called response.

    Ms. Joseph if the debate is so important that you proclaim to be a cyber black board then why place the proverbial mask over the face of the women and grant them anonymity when they speak. But you disclose not only the name of the so-called cheating man but also his picture. And if a women’s picture just happens to be posted your site removes it.

    I can answer both of these questions in short it is because your site is not interested in lively debate it is focused on the ill and pains that you have suffered from your failed relationships (I know you got married at 18). It is unfortunate that you were unable to learn from those life lessons as most of us have. But instead you have disingenuously learned to capitalize from the misery of others. This site has little to do about the rights of women but more to do with the monies that you receive in advertising dollars. (I know about the 2004 Jaguar and houses in Los Angeles and Miami) If you were truly invested in women’s rights you would not have contemplated the companion site involving men.

    My issue with your ideals are not merely focused upon the pain and misery that you have caused to my family, friends and peers but to the pains that you reap upon others that cannot fight back (You are a bully). The people who get up and work every day to support what little they have. Have you no decency. Set the legal issues aside and tell the world which is now the platform for this discussion and say that you bear no moral responsibility for the lives that you have ruined as a result of this site. It seems that the dinner you had with your girl friends when you were bashing men which spawned the creation of this site would have been better spent looking within yourself and addressing your personal issues.

    I never wanted this lawsuit. But life never gave me one nickel more than what my work and effort demanded and sometimes that fell short. But I never complained and I will not allow anyone to take from me what I have worked all my life to achieve.

    You have engaged a determined man willing to lose everything for what he believes in and in the end regardless of what the courts say you can never repair the anxiety or pain that I am forced to live with as a result of your frivolous response to my simple request to be removed from your site.
    Todd Jonathan Hollis, Plaintiff

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